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Bella Disu Foundation Ignites Educational Hope at Dairy Farm Secondary School
Date: 11th, December 2023

The Bella Disu Foundation's recent visit to Dairy Farm Secondary School in Lagos marked a significant stride in our mission to empower through education. Welcomed by the vibrant energy of students and staff, we witnessed firsthand the impact of our commitment to nurturing young minds.


Our contribution focused on enhancing the school's educational resources. We upgraded the ICT lab, recognizing the importance of digital literacy in today's world. Additionally, we enriched the school's library with diverse books, unlocking new realms of knowledge and inspiration for the students.


A special moment was outfitting 100 students with new uniforms. This act symbolized unity and pride, lighting up the faces of these young learners. The students expressed their gratitude with a heartwarming dramatic presentation, showcasing their talents and creativity.


This visit reinforces the Bella Disu Foundation's dedication to educational excellence. It's not just about aid; it's about enabling a sustainable future through learning.

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